Get that lit-from-within look!

Ever walk by someone and just think – they’ve got a glow about them?  And I’m not talking that pregnancy glow because of a rush of hormones, but that wow, there’s just something about them. Have you ever stopped to think it may be their pH levels? Probably not, but there’s a good chance that’s it!

The key to creating healthy, glowing skin is to bring your skin’s pH back into balance. 

To get technical about it, when the outer layer of your skin is healthy, it does an amazing job of protecting your body from a whole host of factors like the environment, bad bacteria - all while stay soft and supple. Unfortunately, when your pH level is out of whack, that’s when bacteria, allergens, and foreign bodies can find their way in, causing all types of havoc, and stealing your glow. We’re talking inflammation, allergies, and breakouts. #nobodygottimeforthat

A quick sign that your skin’s pH is out of balance, is when it feels tight + dry (hello winter!) 

Normally, our skin has a pH of 4.5 to 5.5. Oily skin has a higher pH, making it more alkaline and is more susceptible to infection since bacteria can grow + develop in an alkaline environment. Dry skin has more acidic pH and causes itching and inflammation. (Either sound familiar?)

So how do we find the sweet spot in the middle?

Well first, let’s look at what you may be doing that negatively effects our pH balance…
  • Over washing
  • Soaps and detergents
  • Tap water – the harder the water, the higher the pH 
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  • Extended sun exposure
  • A diet high in acidic foods
Hydrosols are organic, 100% high-vibrational plant waters. (Remember how I said hard water is killing your pH?) They contain active plant ingredients that help support skin hydration, soothe inflammation, promote cell regeneration, and balance sebum (it’s that oily substance that protects your skin, we have a love-hate relationship with it). Hydrosols are low in pH and support your skin’s barrier by gently rebalancing your pH. In addition, hydrosols' aromatherapy can positively influence your mood!

Note to self - read the ingredients, because those with alcohols will dry your skin. Creams with a proper pH will absorb deeper and hold in moisture longer. 
Botnia Daily Face Cream Light
Formulated almost entirely from ultrapure water and botanical hydrosols. Our Daily Face Cream Light delivers moisture, vitamins, and minerals, while containing just enough oil to offer protection from the environment after cleansing. It goes on smoothly and feels virtually weightless. $50
Meet Botnia
Botnia Toner
For daily use whenever you wash your face or need a boost of hydration. Botanical extracts nourish and balance your skin and help protect you from redness and inflammation. $32
Botnia Eye Cream
Fights dark circles, fine lines, and dehydration in the delicate skin around your eyes. A light blend of oils provides lasting protection without feeling heavy. $47
Botnia Kale Yeah Mask
Packed with vitamins and minerals, our Kale-Yeah Mask is restorative for any skin type. Try mixing this mask with our Gentle Hydration Face Mask for maximum benefit. $32

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