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"Self care is self love." A Guide to Healing Meditation from Marika Baxter

After leading a Guided Meditation and Creation Workshop at our store in Madison, Connecticut, Marika Baxter taught us how to receive ourselves. Now, she shares more lessons on how to meditate, create a practice that works for us, and all that will come from adding a little time for ourselves can improve more than our day to day. Let’s do this together.

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The Body & Mind Healing Benefits of Sunlight and How to Protect Your Skin

Countless studies have uncovered the impact the sun has on our overall wellness, proving how truly beneficial even just 5-15 minutes of direct sunlight* two to three days a week can affect our mental and physical health.  Here we note some of the top reasons to step into the light, as well as some of our favorite non-toxic products that will help you do so with ease and safety.

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Beauty Products Mom Will Love

Whether you're shopping for your mom, or any mom in your life, celebrate by giving her the gift of clean beauty, inspiring routines, and skincare products that she may not have tried for herself.   

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