Chakra 1 (Base)

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Chakra 1 (Base)

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Balance & Support the Base

The 1st chakra, also known as the base or root chakra, is positioned at the base of the spine and associated with the color red. It is linked with our vertebrae, bladder, and colon, and governs feelings of security and basic survival needs.

When the base chakra is in balance we feel safe and at home in the world. When out of balance, we may feel insecure, ungrounded, negative, greedy, and unable to move forward. It is impossible to fully balance the other chakras if the root chakra is imbalanced.

Our Chakra1 (Base) oil blend is a combination of pure essential and carrier oils, specifically chosen to instill a feeling of balance and support to the energies of the 1st chakra.

Features & Benefits

  • Special blend of 100% pure essential oils & carrier oils selected to balance base chakra energy centers
  • Apply directly to chakra area, bottoms of feet, or pulse points for a grounded effect
  • Perfect for use in massage 
  • Promotes a quality of calm & security
  • Bestows a warm, spicy scent