Chakra 7 (Crown)

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Chakra 7 (Crown)

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Balance & Support the Crown

The 7th or crown chakra is positioned just above the head, and associated with the color purple and connects us with spirit. It is linked to the pituitary gland, pineal gland, and hypothalamus. It governs feelings of consciousness, awareness of a higher power, ecstasy, and presence.

When the crown chakra is in balance, we feel at peace with all that is. When out of balance, we may feel disconnected from spirit, obsessive, and close-minded.

Our Chakra 7 (Crown) oil blend is a combination of pure essential and carrier oils, specifically chosen to instill a feeling of creativity and tranquility to mind and body.

Features & Benefits

  • Special blend of 100% pure essential oils & carrier oils selected to balance crown chakra energy centers
  • Apply directly to chakra area, hands or pulse points to encourage enlightenment
  • Promotes awareness & connection to the spirit
  • Offers a fresh, slightly sweet, uplifting scent